Mallorca Spain at Zunray Yoga Studio – Workshop with Kate Misurka and Nico Luce


I am so excited to share with you the Mallorca workshop that I am teaching with my dear friend and amazing teacher Nico Luce at the Zunray Yoga Studio!

Sunday 21 October 17:00 – 19:00
2 hour yoga workshop with two great guest teachers from Vancouver, Canada

The belief that the universe was created according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. Plato said “God geometrizes continually”, and so do we. Of all forms, the triangle stands out the most in yoga philosophy to explain the workings of the universe.

In the physical practice of yoga it is a source of stability, balance and ease. In this workshop we’ll begin our yogic exploration with the basic Trikonasana and evolve its geometry into intermediate and advanced poses.

Join Kate and Nico to integrate Body, Mind and Soul from every angle and take your practice to a new level of understanding.

This 2 hour workshop class is suitable for all levels

Love and thanks to all of you for your support as I travel on my yogic journey and most of all for being you.

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