Let the focus be on you for a change. This is your time, a practice designed with your personal intention and goals in mind. Yoga4You™ means one-on-one instruction, the undivided attention of your teacher, and the following benefits:

  • Schedule Yoga for You sessions at a convenient time to fit into your hectic lifestyle
  • Learn a custom sequence you can practice at home or on the road
  • Ask questions and receive answers in real time
  • Discuss the breakdown of postures and alignment
  • Explore more advanced postures
  • Develop tools to go deeper in your practice
  • Modify postures based on health and therapeutic needs due to illness or injury

Yoga for You means going deeper in your practice than you would experience in a public class. Experience the difference of private yoga sessions with Yoga for You!

“Yoga helped me get my health back. I was badly out of shape with high cholesterol. Misurka Yoga helped me make Yoga a regular part of my routine. My health turned around and in just one year I was fit again and my cholesterol was perfect. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the personalized approach of the Misurka Yoga team.”

– Murray, Yoga Student



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