It is of the utmost importance to me that everyone is able to access the benefits of yoga. After being approached by the men in my life to “try out this yoga thing”, I realized that there was a whole group of guys out there who where missing out.  The YOGA4STIFF GUYS™ program was born!  Although everyone is welcome, Yoga4Stiff Guys is a down to earth program designed specifically for guys or for all you gals out there who have a father, brother, friend or partner you have been dying to get to a class!

Choose from four program options:

This introductory series is designed for guys who are brand new to yoga and want to improve flexibility, increase strength, and connect the mind and body. Poses are broken down and instructed in easy sequential steps to set the foundation of your practice from the ground up.


This series is designed for guys who want to build further on the fundamentals of yoga, but still wish to improve flexibility and increase strength. Students can expect instruction to focus on foundation, alignment and the sequential building of poses to help them advance their practise.


An all level yoga series focused on the fusion of strength, flexibility, and intention through practice. This class caters to all levels and will challenge that beginner and advanced student alike.

Building on the “All Levels” class, All Levels “Plus” is designed for guys who want to move a bit more, chill to some tunes, explore yoga in greater detail and try some funky postures. Clear, concise instruction, demonstrations and assists will improve flexibility, increase strength, and relax the mind and body. Not suitable for beginners.

“I am a long-time road runner, but an unenthusiastic stretcher. At first, I was a reluctant “absolute beginner”. Yoga4Stiff Guys™ has not only unlocked my hips and made my glutes and hamstrings more flexible, but has also noticeably strengthened my quads. Kate’s method of teaching and step-by-step program has contributed greatly to the benefits and enjoyment I derive from practicing yoga.  Yoga4Stiff Guys™ has become part of my weekly work-outs.”

– Etienne, Yoga Student



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