Kate Misurka – Director of Yoga

I am passionate about sharing the teaching of Yoga and seeing the benefits of Yoga through my students, who are my greatest teachers. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance and flexibility, recovering from injury, or seeking overall health and vitality, I hope you will explore the infinite benefits of making the practice of Yoga part of your life! The practice of Yoga has become the foundation from which I draw vitality and connection to face challenges and reach for new heights on and off the mat. See Kate’s Full Bio here


Klara Kroupa – Teacher & Assistant Director

My first experience with yoga was many years ago in a previous life. At that time I was both a dedicated athlete and a coach in rhythmic gymnastics. Over five years ago, the physical aspects of yoga and the hope of healing some long-time running injuries brought me back to the practice. For me, yoga offers the rare culmination of physical movement, mental soothing and, if one chooses, spiritual awareness. It has quite literally changed my life.

I completed my foundational training at Shambhava Yoga Konalani in Hawaii and my advanced training with Christine Price Clark, Lauren Roegele and Sjanie McInnis at Vancouver School of Yoga. I love teaching and I offer my students the opportunity to explore their own connection between breath and movement and the possibilities it can unveil for them. By creating a little more space in the body, perhaps they can create a little more space in the mind!

Off the mat I am a freelance corporate trainer in the financial industry. In the last few years I have become an avid road cyclist and would love to get a Fondo under my belt! Without a doubt, my biggest raison d’être, as well as my most valuable lessons, come from my two teenagers. They not only keep me on my toes, but keep it real for me every single day!

Chloe SrinaganandChloe Srinaganand

I have always had a need to move and I have always been curious about the Self. Yoga is a practice that creates space for both. Paying attention to sensation in yoga invites quietness, brings awareness and focus that can lead to physical release or mental shift.

My classes are designed to help everyone find better alignment and develop functional mobility. I encourage my students to explore and experiment with what feels good in their bodies but also to feel comfortable with where they are today. I make the postures and path accessible to all. There is no one way to practice yoga and no one way to understand our truth.

I completed my foundational training with Tracy Groshak and continue to study the Vijnana Tradition with her. I am forever inspired by her knowledge and dedication. I feel a deep gratitude to Kelly Colleen, my mentor since my first class with YYoga years ago, as well as to Chris Richardson and Dustin Fruson who introduced me to Ashtanga.

Bless Leone – Senior Teacher

I love movement and the freedom I feel when my brain turns off and my body flows of its own accord. Yoga moves me, lifts my spirits, calms my mind and makes me feel connected. I appreciate how yoga has deepened my awareness of how to move my body and engage my muscles. It reminds me to breathe, keeps my mind free of stress and worry and allows my body to relax.

I am a Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT 200 instructor, trained in Anusara Yoga with Chris Chavez and Vinyasa Yoga with Clara Roberts-Oss. My own teaching focuses on intelligent sequencing and postural alignment. I include the use of props, modifications, verbal adjustments and demonstrations to educate students ensuring that each class is accessible to everyone in the room. I encourage my students to move safely beyond their boundaries reminding them that yoga is not about being perfect, but about being present and connected in each moment.

I am inspired by words, flavours and creativity and love to create myself. Being in nature, gardening, thrift store hunting, traveling and exploring other places and cultures keeps me excited to be alive!

Nadia Rozental

I was drawn to yoga for its healing and transformative qualities. I offer thoughtful, theme-based sequences aimed to help students tap into their inner light through movement and breath.

I also make really bad jokes while offering core-focused exercises.

I completed my foundational training with Mike Nichols and was able to delve deeper into a purposeful teaching style through a mentorship with Christine Price Clark.

When I am not on the mat, I love strolling around Farmer’s Markets and discovering cool Vancouver coffee spots.


Kayla Law

What has continued to bring me to my mat over the years is the freedom to move my body. For a long time I felt as though I didn’t fit the mold for most activities. Yoga is the one activity that allows me to be me; it always meets me where I am. To this day my practice is ever-changing. The biggest gift Yoga has given me is the ability to listen to my body and to trust myself in what is best for me.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training in Vancouver with Prana Yoga Teachers College. After that training, I took some time to pursue massage and bodywork. In 2015 I took my 300 hour advanced teacher training with Christine Price Clark at The Vancouver School of Yoga. This training truly made me the teacher I am today.

I see huge beauty and benefit to this practice of yoga, as it creates a space for us to move, breathe and be with ourselves where we are. In my classes you can expect to be given options and modifications, with a few heart-centered words sprinkled in!

Off the mat, I love experimenting in the kitchen with a glass of wine as I do so. Walking while listening to podcasts is something else I love to do; I head to the forest when I need a recharge and reset.

Brooklyn Wall

Brooklyn Wall

In 2009, I was literally dragged to a hot yoga class. I hated heat and was in no way athletic. That 60 minutes changed my life forever. For the first time, my mind became still and my body was free to move. This launched my passion for health and wellness – from physical activity to nutrition and lifestyle. The brilliance of the human body inspires me.

I completed my 200 hour certification in 2012 through YYoga with Rachel Scott, my 80 hour hot yoga training with Kristin Campbell and 70 hours of Yin with Ashley McEachern. In 2014, I began cycling and completed my indoor cycling certification with Krista Popowych. I’ve also mentored with Anila Lacroix & Rachel Scott. I enjoy my never-ending occupation as a student; there is always more to learn and room to grow.

My classes are focused on optimal alignment, movement with breath and doing what’s best for your own body within your own practice. I believe that through yoga, we learn how to live and move in our own unique bodies; a wonderful experience of freedom.

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