For Every Body

Taking that first step to try something new is always the biggest one. But once you get started on the path of yoga, you will wonder why you ever hesitated!


Let’s demystify some of the most common view points that may be holding you back!

  1. I am stiff as a board and there is no way I will get into those crazy positions let alone a pair of yoga pants!
    Reality: Not being able to touch your toes is the norm in North America. Those crazy positions we like to call asanas will help you get to “get in touch” with your toes again!
  2. Yoga is boring and slow.
    Reality: Yoga is vast in its styles and offerings from gentle restorative classes to the vigourous and physically challenging. Let’s find the right program for you!
  3. I am already active and don’t need more physical activity.
    Reality: Although other sports and physical activities are a great workout for the body, yoga is holistic in its approach to improving physical health, balancing the mind and soothing the soul. Think of yoga as an enhancement to everything you are already doing!


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